Hi I’m Carissa

I’m a photographer and graphic designer who can often be found playing pool, my soprano ukulele, or singing along to Strawberry Fields Forever. I have a passion for creativity and often find my inspiration for design through different visual media of art and storytelling. Some of my other passions include videography, calligraphy, and watercolor painting.

I first discovered my love for photography during my elementary school days with one of those throw-away orange cameras. A few years later, I took a photojournalism class my junior year of high school — one thing led to another and I ended up on my school newspaper team as a photographer. Being from Texas, I spent a lot of time on the football field photographing our football team, where I learned the importance of being in the moment in order to get that perfect picture in that split second. My ultimate goal was to catch that legendary shot of a football player crying after the game. Although I never got that shot, I did gain valuable experience from those games, which has heavily influenced my personal style.

I like when photos (especially portraits) feel natural. I like getting pictures of things in their natural habitat. It adds character and feeling to a photo and allows you to have an emotional connection to it.

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Carissa Buys is a photographer and graphic designer from McKinney, Texas and is currently working on her Communications degree from Brigham Young University-Idaho.